Think tank documents

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Atlantic Council and Corporate Donors

The Atlantic Council, which has seen its annual revenue grow to $21 million from $2 million in the last decade, offers access to United States and foreign government officials in exchange for contributions. Individual donors, like FedEx, have also helped fund specific reports that align with their agendas.

Brookings Institution and Its Corporate Donors

The Brookings Institution — long recognized as one of the most prestigious think tanks in the world — has aggressively courted corporate donors over the last decade, particularly for its Metropolitan Policy Program, which formed partnerships with JPMorgan Chase, Lennar Corporation, K.K.R., Hitachi and others. Here is an examination of the deals with these donors, based in part on thousands of pages of internal Brookings documents.

Center for Strategic and International Studies and the Military Drone Maker

As General Atomics was lobbying for a change in export rules governing its unmanned aerial vehicles, it helped fund a report at the Center for Strategic and International Studies that also pushed for the change.

The Aircraft Carrier Industry’s Lobbying and Think Tank Plan

Huntington Ingalls, the sole builder of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in the United States, and other players in the shipbuilding industry were looking for ways to increase or maintain funding for the construction of these giant ships. They turned to think tanks for help. Here is a look at the strategy, which involved the Hudson Institute and others.

Jeffrey Eisenach: Tech Industry Consultant and Think Tank Scholar

Scholar, consultant, expert witness — Jeffrey A. Eisenach has worn all these hats while playing a leading role in the debate over telecommunications policy in the United States. Here is a look at the potential conflicts that this situation creates for Mr. Eiensach, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.