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The Eye produces in-depth, reporter-driven investigative journalism that oftentimes goes beyond individual articles. Our Featured Investigations include major projects, ongoing beats, and multi-media series that hold the powerful accountable and serve the public interest.

Child Fatalities: Shining light on child abuse and neglect fatalities

With 110 child abuse and neglect deaths in five years, a third of them under the watch of the Massachusetts DCF, the state is failing to protect its most vulnerable. Our investigation reveals the ways the government has struggled to learn from this tragic toll..

necir psychiatric genetic testing live chat

Genetic Testing: How much should you know?

From prenatal to psychiatry, genetic testing holds the promise of personalized medicine. But our investigations have revealed an industry with oversold claims, misunderstood findings, and potential conflicts of interest.

Reasonable Doubts: The case of Darrell Jones

How a videotape gap, a frazzled defense and alleged pressure on witnesses may have tainted the trial of Darrell Jones, a man who has spent 30 years in prison for a murder he maintains he didn’t commit.

Administrative Bloat: The evolution of the American university

Universities and colleges across the U.S. have increased the hiring of administrators at a rate that vastly outpaces increases in enrollment and faculty hiring, even during times or purported belt-tightening.

Thomas Mather, of the TickEncounter Resource Center at the University of Rhode Island, holds ticks gathered in the woods in South Kingstown, RI in November 2012. The ticks are adult stage blacklegged (deer) ticks.

Lyme Disease: A controversial diagnosis

As Lyme disease diagnoses soar in the Northeast, lines have been drawn in the sand over how to test for and treat the tick-borne illness.

Surging Seas: Coastal rebuilding in the age of climate change

As sea levels rise and storm become more fierce, why do people keep rebuilding along the coast. Our ongoing investigation explores flood insurance, sand wars, and the struggle to adapt to climate change in coastal communities.

Rail Safety: Train transit in the wake of a domestic energy boom

With domestic oil booming, more and more crude oil is being shipped throughout the country via rail, oftentimes directly though residential areas. Our investigation explores how a lack of regulation makes this a profitable and dangerous venture.

boston pothole 2

Holes in the system: Boston boasts pothole fixes that don’t get made

The city of Boston has touted its pothole repair system, but NECIR found the Department of Public Works has deceived the public in the way it reports its repairs.

The Foreclosure Echo: How private mortgage insurance hits vulnerable owners

Private mortgage insurance was created to help less wealthy people buy homes by reducing the risk to mortgage lenders if the borrower defaults. But while the policies have helped hundreds of thousands obtain a mortgage nationwide, they also created a class of home owners who were especially vulnerable when the economy crashed in 2008.

Domestic Sex Trafficking: The gender imbalance that underscores the sex trade

Police officers arrest vastly more women than men for prostitution-related offenses, state police data shows.