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Reporting to expose injustice in public health and safety protections.

Are genetic mental health tests causing more harm than good?

Genetic tests to identify the most effective psychiatry drugs are the hot new thing in the race to better treat conditions ranging from depression to attention deficit disorder to anxiety. But a review by NECIR has found that virtually all the evidence that these psychiatric tests work is based on limited studies funded by the companies themselves. And unlike drugs, they are not regulated by the FDA.

High Rollers

Despite regulations, corner stores peddle cigars -- used to smoke marijuana -- to underage teens. A special report from Teens in Print.

Doctors’ muddled statistical knowledge may harm patients

by Shan Wang Doctors are the first line of defense in ensuring women receive sound advice about a new generation of prenatal screens and other...

Number of children placed in Mass. foster care rises sharply

The number of troubled children in Massachusetts taken out of their homes and placed under state supervision rose steeply in the past year, according...

The high cost of seriously ill inmates

Raymond Wallace is likely one of the most expensive county jail inmates in Massachusetts ever. The 41-year-old detainee has been awaiting trial and held on...

Community Mental Health in Massachusetts: Disturbing gaps in care and safety

Malissie Holloway, a mentally disabled woman in the care of the state Department of Mental Health, hung herself last summer. Her body was not found for more than two days. The suicide, along with unresolved questions about last year’s slaying of a worker at a Revere group home for the mentally ill, have resurrected concerns about care for the mentally ill and workplace violence. A joint investigation by the New England Center for Investigative Reporting and WBUR uncovers a system still plagued with worker and client fears about understaffed facilities and safety risks, a chronic lack of funding and concerns that local police and the criminal justice system are increasingly relied on to buttress mental health service delivery in Massachusetts. First in a two-part series

Toxic turf? Momentum grows against synthetic turf

Increasingly, Bay State towns – like many places nationwide – are debating costly plans to build new, or refurbish old, artificial turf fields, and sports enthusiasts who love the vivid-green fields for their durability and easy maintenance are bracing for new opposition from parents of budding soccer, lacrosse and football players about the safety of crumb rubber pellets.

Lyme disease FAQ

Here we answer frequently asked questions about Lyme disease and testing.

Unusual experiment raises concerns about prenatal testing labs

by Shan Wang An unusual finding in an experiment by two Boston-area doctors is raising questions about a new generation of prenatal screening tests used...

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