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Reporting to expose injustice in public health and safety protections.

The high cost of seriously ill inmates

Raymond Wallace is likely one of the most expensive county jail inmates in Massachusetts ever. The 41-year-old detainee has been awaiting trial and held on...

New National Data Shows ‘Crisis’ Of Elder Abuse

The federal government is trying for the first time to estimate how many senior citizens nationwide are the victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation...

Embattled Mental Health Provider Faces New Fine From OSHA

The federal agency that monitors workplace dangers has issued a $207,000 fine against a private psychiatric hospital in Lowell for failing to protect its...

Pembroke Hospital cuts psychiatric beds after staffing criticism

A for-profit psychiatric hospital that’s faced repeated criticism has reduced its patient capacity by more than a third.

Renovation boom revives a deadly demon for Massachusetts workers

Thousands of workers are routinely exposed to danger asbestos without adequate safety protections. The gap between regulation and on-the-ground conditions at job sites can lead to incurable cancer.

OSHA launches four more investigations at Arbour psychiatric hospitals

The federal agency that monitors workplace dangers has launched investigations into four Boston-area psychiatric hospitals owned by the largest private provider of mental health...

After angry moms fault counseling, genetics society cites its ethics code

The National Society of Genetic Counselors issued a statement affirming its ethics code, after a New England Center for Investigative Reporting story featured parents angered at counselors paid by genetic-testing companies.

Look at me: Why genetic test results don’t tell full story

One NECIR intern who has Turner syndrome worries that parents-to-be may make irreversible decisions based on genetic screenings without fully understanding the disorder.

Testing labs agree to pay $8.5 million to settle U.S. false...

Two labs offering scientifically questionable tests agreed to pay $8.5 million to settle allegations that they falsely billed Medicare.