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Driving Schools at head of long line for RMV road tests

A cornerstone of Massachusetts law is equal access to public services. But the Registry of Motor Vehicles has interpreted that access in a way that favors people willing to pay extra. A form of pay-to-play for road tests has evolved in recent years, severely limiting the average citizen's ability to secure coveted appointments in a timely manner, an examination by the New England Center for Investigative Reporting has found.

U.S. Government Agencies and Politicians Lobby for the Use of Genetically-Modified...

Over the past eight years, nine Congressmen and Senators who have received – between 2004 and 2012 – a total of $574,850 in campaign donations from Monsanto and various Political Action Committees (PAC) supporting the use of GMOs

New laws leave voters to navigate maze of requirements

Since the last presidential election in 2012, states passed dozens of new voting requirements, particularly regarding photo IDs.

Dozens of Mass. super donors exceed former federal spending cap

Unleashed by the April US Supreme Court decision striking down a cap on individual donations to federal candidates, 29 heavyweight Massachusetts donors have blown past previous limits during this election cycle, federal records show.

Buying Power

From political action committees to gubernatorial candidates to county prosecutors, Massachusetts campaign cash spent in 2010 topped $77 million, paying for everything from a county club membership, tuxedo rentals, expensive car leases, makeup artists, cigars, hundreds of floral arrangements and much more.

#Holesinthesystem: Help NECIR report on Boston pothole repairs

While our potholes investigation reveals many holes in the system, we need your help to get the full picture. Below is a map of all of the potholes that the city of Boston claims to have fixed in the month prior to July 15.

Zoned Out: Some Cities and Towns Saying No to Families

In a tight housing market, officials across the Bay State wield an array of tactics to discourage modestly priced new apartment and home construction for families. These include pressuring developers to drop plans for three-bedroom apartments and crafting zoning regulations to encourage the construction of over-55 housing developments that ban children.

At an old munitions site, hikers get no warning of newfound...

A 130-acre tract of conservation land south of Boston remains largely open to public use without posted warnings despite new risks of unexploded munitions...

Mass. state lawmaker urges action on elder abuse

A state lawmaker is urging Bay State officials to do more to help the growing number of exploited and abused elders in Massachusetts. Rep. James O’ Day,...

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