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Reporting to expose injustice in government and public institutions.

Driving Schools at head of long line for RMV road tests

A cornerstone of Massachusetts law is equal access to public services. But the Registry of Motor Vehicles has interpreted that access in a way that favors people willing to pay extra. A form of pay-to-play for road tests has evolved in recent years, severely limiting the average citizen's ability to secure coveted appointments in a timely manner, an examination by the New England Center for Investigative Reporting has found.

Massachusetts children under state protection die from abuse with alarming frequency

Kadyn Hancock’s aunt said she repeatedly tried to warn state officials that the 13-month-old’s mother might hurt him. But no one heeded her pleas and Kadyn’s mother killed her baby in 2010.

Brookline citizens push ban on secret settlements as town pledges data...

After a stream of revelations of secret harassment and discrimination settlements, the town of Brookline has decided it will annually release information about settlements...

Holes in the system: Boston boasts pothole fixes that don’t get...

The Department of Public Works has a habit of implying Boston potholes have been fixed when they haven’t, according to an examination by the New England Center for Investigative Reporting.

Buying Power

From political action committees to gubernatorial candidates to county prosecutors, Massachusetts campaign cash spent in 2010 topped $77 million, paying for everything from a county club membership, tuxedo rentals, expensive car leases, makeup artists, cigars, hundreds of floral arrangements and much more.

Commentary: Public records law unfulfilled, not ‘unfunded’

This week is Sunshine Week, a time each year when advocates for public accountability assess progress toward prying open the government, and chart what progress remains. In Massachusetts, the list of needed fixes is long.

Fix for homeless housing running into delays, massive cost

Sixteen months ago Espada's family became homeless, and she applied to the state for help. But Massachusetts has no room left for homeless families — the state's 2,000 shelters filled up during the recession, as parents who lost their jobs, got foreclosed on, got sick, or just couldn't earn enough, became homeless, along with their children.

Brookline rejects effort to ban secrecy clauses in harassment settlements

The Brookline town meeting defeated a proposal Tuesday night to do away with secrecy provisions in settlements of racial or sexual harassment claims again...

Former State Representative, Campaign Treasurer Admit to Campaign Finance Violations

One day after a state integrity investigation found Massachusetts earns a “C” for preventing corruption in state government, a Boston judge ordered a former...

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