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Boston police confirm deployment of cellphone trackers

Boston Police Department confirmed that

Department Of Correction Rejects First ‘Compassionate Release’ Petition For Dying Inmate

The Massachusetts Department of Correction has denied the medical parole request of a 31-year-old state prison inmate diagnosed with terminal cancer, the first ruling...

No retrial for man freed following NECIR investigation

Jack Nicas is thrilled that the Lowell man whose innocence case he first wrote about for the New England Center for Investigative Reporting in...

Why rich powerful men buy cheap sex

Michael is not surprised to hear that Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, was charged with soliciting prostitution in a Florida massage...

DCF workers say rising caseloads, poor technology putting children at risk

Local managers from the Massachusetts Department of Children Families care more about whether at-risk children are being visited than the quality of that meeting, leading to “drive-by social work,” according to a recent petition penned by local social workers.

Challenging the Massachusetts Bail System, One Arrestee at a Time

The new criminal justice law Governor Baker signed last week could prevent hundreds of small-time defendants from spending time in Massachusetts prisons just because...

Boston police use of cellphone trackers without warrants raises questions

Documents and information released by Boston police show that the department obtained the tracker years earlier than previously disclosed, and has used the device to assist outside agencies.

Aging and dying in prison

A Massachusetts state prison is expanding the graveyard where it buries inmates who die in custody, one consequence of the state's huge increase in...

NECIR Investigation finds no pattern of racial profiling in disorderly conduct...

When Henry Louis Gates Jr., a prominent Harvard professor of African-American studies, was arrested for disorderly conduct by a white Cambridge police officer last summer, President Obama led a chorus of critics denouncing the local police department.

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