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Private mortgage insurance was created to help less wealthy people buy homes, but the policies created a class of home owners who were especially vulnerable when the economy crashed in 2008.

NECIR wins Publick Occurrences awards for medical and debt investigations

The New England Center for Investigative Reporting has won highest honors from the New England Newspaper & Press Association for stories on faulty prenatal testing and homeowner debt. The 2015 awards, to be presented Oct. 8, will go to the Center’s science reporter, Beth Daley, and Jenifer McKim, who covers social justice issues.

Proposed law aims to protect homeowners from private tax lien sales

Newly proposed state legislation would limit the profits that private companies make by buying tax liens from cash-strapped municipalities and foreclosing on homes if...

What is private mortgage insurance, and how can it end up...

Private mortgage insurance was created to help less wealthy people buy homes by reducing the risk to mortgage lenders if the borrower defaults. But...

Foreclosure echo

When Guillermo Galindo lost his two-family Revere home to foreclosure in 2009, the soft-spoken Colombian thought he had finally freed himself from the flood of threatening collection letters from his lender and a ballooning, untenable debt. But that hope evaporated months later when Galindo received a letter from a lawyer claiming he owed $136,547 in losses for the family home he’d left behind.

Homeowners sold out by cities? Investors buy tax liens and foreclose

As cash-strapped towns and cities around the Bay State face a mounting stash of unpaid tax liens, they are increasingly turning to for-profit companies to pursue delinquent owners -- prompting concerns among consumer advocates that vulnerable residents are being hit with astronomical fees and sometimes are losing their homes in the process.

NECIR report prompts call for action against for-profit debt firms

Today, a Boston Globe editorial called for action against for-profit debt firms. NECIR's story on these companies shed light on the possible consequences of pending legislation. Legislation on for-profit debt firms has already been approved by the House and now awaits its fate in the Senate.

Legalizing debt service companies in Mass. raises concerns

A proposal to legalize for-profit debt relief services in Massachusetts could win approval by the Legislature over the next few weeks, raising concerns among...

Video Profile of a Boston Woman Facing Foreclosure.

Fighting Off Foreclosure from kate kahn on Vimeo.

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