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Domestic Sex Trafficking

Police officers arrest vastly more women than men for prostitution-related offences, state police data shows.

Huge gender divide in prostitution-related arrests

From Worcester to Boston, Lawrence to New Bedford, police officers last year arrested vastly more women than men for prostitution-related offences, new state police data shows.

City, activists meet to fight sex trafficking

The City of Boston will not tolerate the buying and selling of human beings. That’s what Boston Mayor Martin Walsh said Tuesday at a conference on sex trafficking attended by scores of activists, law enforcement, judges, philanthropists and survivors of the booming sex industry.

Higher fines for men charged with seeking sex in Boston

Three men charged with seeking to buy sex from what they thought were prostitutes in Boston have paid  $1,000 fines – forking over some...

Despite new anti-trafficking law, effort to shift focus to Johns struggles

When six men were arrested in downtown Boston in the fall of 2012 for allegedly seeking underage prostitutes in a police sting, Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley touted the arrests and released the men’s names and pictures to local media. It was meant to put all potential sex buyers on notice – those seeking girls and women of any age could expect to be treated as criminals, part of a statewide get-tough-on-Johns campaign.

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