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Shawn Musgrave is a Digital Producer and Reporter at NECIR. See full bio >

Scant discipline follows prosecutors’ impropriety in Massachusetts

In 2012, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court found “egregious prosecutorial misconduct” after an assistant district attorney withheld evidence a judge had ordered him to produce for the...

With thousands of convictions in jeopardy, Mass. AG’s office scrutinized over...

Hearings could help decide how many of thousands of convictions tainted by Farak's testing may be overturned.

Vineyard prosecutor accused of misconduct in three cases

In a rare move, the judicial office that brings disciplinary cases against lawyers in Massachusetts has accused a prosecutor of professional misconduct.

Offshore money pours into slot machine initiative in Massachusetts

Revised campaign finance filings show funding for Question 1 didn't come from outside the state, but outside the country.

Wealthy individuals favoring charter schools swamp the little people on ballot...

Virtually all of the individual donations for the state ballot issue on charter schools has gone toward supporting the measure.

State ballot questions break fundraising and spending records

Fundraising by committees campaigning on the charter school question alone would have broken the 2014 record.

Boston police use of cellphone trackers without warrants raises questions

Documents and information released by Boston police show that the department obtained the tracker years earlier than previously disclosed, and has used the device to assist outside agencies.

Massachusetts judge pushes prosecutors for more emails in Farak case

The judge ordered prosecutors and defense attorneys to coordinate on identifying undisclosed emails related to documents seized from the disgraced state crime lab chemist.

Defense attorneys say withheld Farak notes implicate prosecutors

Massachusetts prosecutors withheld evidence of corrupt state narcotics testing from a man facing drug charges, and didn’t release it until after conviction.

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