A short message about lies and truth

“In world full of lies,” my friend said as we chatted about the news of the day, “we need truth more than ever.” Amen to that, I added, and we moved on to lighter topics.

But he really meant it. I know because a few days later, he wrote a check to the New England Center for Investigate Reporting.

These days, lies are met with outrage or a shrug — but not always action.

But like my friend, you can take action on behalf of the truth. Make your own gift to New England Center for Investigative Reporting.

Your support will allow our team of nonprofit news reporters to conduct investigations that right wrongs, change laws and improve lives. Most of our stories focus on what’s happening right here in Greater Boston but often the stories reach national audiences through NPR, the Washington Post and USA Today.

Now is the moment to give. Thanks to the national Newsmatch campaign, all donations to the New England Center for Investigative Reporting will be matched dollar for dollar today and through the end of the year.

But remember: the Newsmatch campaign to double your donation ends December 31. Take action for truth — and give today: www.necir.org/give.

Thank you.

Burt Glass
Executive Director