NECIR and WBUR have teamed up to investigate the case of Darrell “Diamond” Jones, a Boston man currently serving the 30th year of a life sentence for a murder he maintains he did not commit. His quest for a new trial ties in to a growing effort to prove innocence based on non-DNA evidence, using technology unavailable at the time of conviction or new evidence casting doubt on eyewitness accounts. Here with us to talk about the NECIR/WBUR investigation and the five-part radio series, as well as the legal context and the work of lawyers working to overturn past convictions, we have:

Jenifer McKim, New England Center for Investigative Reporting

Bruce Gellerman, WBUR

Lisa Kavanaugh, Innocence Program at the Committee for Public Counsel Services

Sharon Beckman, Boston College Law School Innocence Program

Charlotte Whitmore, Boston College Law School Innocence Program

Ryan Reilly, Huffington Post Justice Reporter


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