#Holesinthesystem: Help NECIR report on Boston pothole repairs

While our Boston potholes investigation reveals many holes in the system, we need your help to get the full picture of Boston pothole repairs. Below is a map of all of the potholes that the city of Boston claims to have fixed in the month prior to July 15.

Please click on a pothole in your neighborhood and:

• Cast a vote to let us know if you are satisfied with the pothole’s repair.
• Tweet about it @necirbu with the hashtag #holesinthesystem.
• Email NECIR with your reports, comments and questions.

Data: Data Boston / Map: Brooke Williams, Naomi LaChance and Cory Dawson, NECIR


The total count of ‘satisfied’ vs ‘not satisfied’ votes are compiled in the graph below, which will continually update. Please note that this graph reflects total votes across all potholes and that it represents citizen reporting that has not necessarily been fact-checked by NECIR.

Graph: Cory Dawson for NECIR


We’re monitoring the hashtag, the polls and the emails closely, and we will conduct an official follow-up investigation based on what you report. You’ll also notice that the potholes in our map are color-coded by city councilor district. We encourage you to click on your city counselor’s name and email them about our investigation. Thanks, and happy reporting.