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Websites offer content written by customers of erotic massage parlors, making it easy to find sex traffickers. But prosecution is complex. by Jenifer McKim and Phillip Martin HADLEY — Prosecutors painted a squalid picture of what went on inside the little...

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The Business of Illicit Massage: Radio Pt. 1

by Phillip Martin of WGBH and Jenifer McKim of NECIR This report, the first in a series, aired on WGBH public radio on January 17,...

Sheriff Office sued for alleged prisoner mistreatment

Three inmates with mental illnesses filed a lawsuit against staff at the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office this week alleging they were treated to “extremely...

Massachusetts man released on bail 32 years after 1986 murder conviction...

BROCKTON — Darrell Jones walked out of a courthouse Thursday afternoon after his release on bail more than 30 years after being convicted for...

Should state change compensation law for wrongfully convicted?

Public defenders, advocates and former inmates whose convictions were overturned are meeting at the Massachusetts statehouse on Monday to call for changes to a...

Following NECIR report, readers donate to save senior’s home

Virginia Rayford doesn’t need to worry about losing her Washington, DC, rowhouse anymore. The 92-year-old widow was facing foreclosure because of a $6,004 debt to...

Small uptick in Mass. child deaths due to abuse, neglect

Thirteen Massachusetts children died of abuse and neglect at the hands of their caretakers in 2016, according to newly released data by the state...

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Jailhouse Suicides

Why are twice as many inmates at county jails killing themselves, compared to state or federal prison, in Massachusetts?

Think Tanks

Think tanks are seen as independent, but their researchers often push the agendas of corporate donors in Washington.

Wayward Prosecutors

What happens to Massachusetts prosecutors who violate defendants’ rights to a fair trial? Very little, we’ve found.

Reasonable Doubts

Darrell Jones at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center. (Photo: Jesse Costa for WBUR)

How a videotape gap, a frazzled defense and alleged pressure on witnesses may have tainted the murder trial of a Boston man.

Child Fatalities

With 110 deaths in five years from abuse and neglect, has Massachusetts has failed to protect its most vulnerable?

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Universities have hired administrators at a rate that vastly outpaces increases in enrollment and faculty hiring.

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